Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pre-Quilt Market Crazies.....

So these are two pictures of Fall Market in Houston.....I was soooo ready.  Everything printed, everything least three to four days ahead.   

This time, for Spring Market in Kansas City.....well, not so much!! 

But I expect it to be the best market....EVER!!!  Have two people to help me in the booth....My wonderful daughter, Sita....(in spite of the fact that she DOES NOT SEW) (I know, I can't believe it)!  and my friend Kim Niedzwiecki....and she DOES sew....Beautifully and Creatively!!  

I hope that market will inspire my daughter to love fabric and thread as much as I do....although she better keep her hands out of my Aurifil thread!!   (All eight spools of it)!  And well, Kim is going to teach me all there is to know about blogging!!

So, with just two days until we hit the road to KC, I agreed to make a cake (tiered, with freestanding butterflies) for my granddaughters' 6th birthday party.....I will show a picture of her eating it.....but won't show you the cake..... even my loving husband agreed it was fairly hideous!  This cake was made by someone who does South African gum paste flowers for wedding cakes....  But the worst part....I agreed with him was truly ugly.   :)  The best part.... Sadie thought it was beautiful!   You just gotta love a kid that sees the love in a cake, not the droopy icing!

So.... off we go to market....will have tons of things for giveaways when I come do me a favor and tell all your friends to sign up for my blog.....I am feeling lonely here with just my first five followers....(bless their hearts)!!!

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