Friday, June 8, 2012


It seemed to take forever, but it is done!  
This is my entry in the International Quilt Festival of Ireland for next June..... will see that a lot more in the coming months!  Luckily, I get to be a tour escort next soooo looking forward to it!  This was my soul-soothing project to complete this week while THIS YEARS' festival is happening...and I obviously didn't get to really helped...along with all the wonderful posts and photos from those that did get to go....Thanks everyone!   
NEXT YEAR!!!!!  Yes, next year!


Am working up a pattern for a BOM to run here on my celebrate 200 followers!  Not bad for a brand new blog.... (It sure helped having the SewMamaSew giveaway)!!!!  Thank you to everyone who joined up!

The BOM will start once we get enough people to sign will be a bit of work on this end, and want to make sure we have enough people to make it FUN!!!  I am thinking there should be at least 20 people.... think we can find that many?  

So..... if you are interested, please leave a comment below stating whether or not you want to participate....It is non-binding!  Ha!  (Get it)???

Asking for comments will tell me two things....
1.  How many people will participate.
2.  How many people read this blog post.

The general rules of engagement for our BOM: (Subject to slight modification, as I am sure I will forget something)..

1.  Every three to four weeks I will post a block with instructions.
2.  When you finish a block, you may post a photo to my facebook page (date for posting will be given).
3.  I will have my trusty (nonquilting) friend and my husband pick their favorite quilt block. (I will not participate in the choosing).  The winner of each block will also be posted on both this blog and my fb page....(with a picture of the winning block).  The winner will win a small prize.
4.  When the quilt tops are done, you will be able to enter a quilt top my fb page. (dates will be posted on the blog for this).
5.  My trusty friend and husband will pick their favorite and the prize will be that I will longarm quilt it for you.  You will also be a featured guest on my next blog with pictures of you and your winning quilt.

About the Mystery Quilt:  Yes it will be a mystery!!  But nothing me! (I don't do outlandish)... it will be  five pieced blocks....with blank blocks between.....then sashing and border.........YOU will pick the colors..... More info to come after we see how many people sign up.... This will not be a hard will be for confident beginners to intermediate.....

So, Any takers???   I think it should be fun!