Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This is just so much fun with the new followers just pouring in.....and all so very nice....
SO....... if you "Share" and someone signs up to follow, they will get a chance at the prize, too!  But, I am making another prize, (not sure what but trust me, it will be very, very good) that will go to the person who helps gather me the most new followers.....How do they do it?????  When you refer someone to my blog, and they sign up to follow....have them leave a note that YOU referred them.... the person who is the best recruiter at giveaway closing time will win the extra prize.....Wheww!!! Hope that is clear!  Watch for some more fun coming up, soon!
Also..... I am now opening it to people in Canada and Europe....found out the shipping isn't toooo terribly expensive!  :)   
I promise to have a giveaway soon just for all you down-under quilters!!!

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  1. I'm sorry to bother you, but my reader can't seem to pull up your new posts. Have you posted the winner yet? Thanks


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