Monday, July 30, 2012

Wow!  Things can and do change!  The reason for no blog posts lately is because of these changes....After the death of my 94 year old father in law, I spent two weeks with my mother in law....It was a very special time....and it was hard to leave her...alone after 66 years of marriage....fortunately, she is a strong and vibrant woman who will enjoy visiting her sons and their families....We are looking forward to a visit from her soon.  It was nice to spend time in NC again.... I forgot how hot and humid it can be there in the summer....met lots of nice people and ate some great food!!

It was wierd taking a two week "vacation" from quilting....often wanting to pick something up and work on it, but nice to just think about quilting without rushing in to actually create the piece....the outcome.....lots and lots of new ideas......can't wait to get started!!

One big change.... I have decided not to be a tour escort for the International Quilt Festival in Ireland next June.....may still go as I am sure it will be a wonderful experience for anyone who goes....

Still don't have the full 20 that I was hoping for  to start the BOM.....will give it another week or two and decide whether to do it or not.....


  1. I want to join in! I must have missed that first post about it, or maybe I'm a new follower, I can't keep track! Looking forward to more info...

  2. Sorry to hear of your loss, I will try to commit to the BOM if you decide to do it. I am way over committed right now so another will fit in the cracks somewhere, lol!


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